Crafting Discovery

What is the Discovery tab?

The discovery tab allows you to attempt to mix and match components to learn a new recipe.

How to use the Discovery tab?

Drag and drop or double-click items to add (or remove) them from the mix.

Why do we need discovery to increase crafting?

You will gain significantly more experience from each discovery you will find than any normal recipes already learned! This is why it is so much important!!

How to do a Discovery?

It’s actually easier than you may think. You will learn how to do a discovery with the following illustrations.

  • Discovery 5Discovery Step 5
  • Discovery 4Discovery Step 4
  • Discovery 3Discovery Step 3
  • Discovery 2Discovery Step 2
  • Discovery 1Discovery Step 1
  • Discovery 1
  • Discovery 2
  • Discovery 3
  • Discovery 4
  • Discovery 5