Linen Scraps Farming Guide

This Linen Scraps farming guide is made for players who want to farm instead of buying directly from the Trading post. I’ve made the most efficient routes to farm specially those items with no hassle.

**Important: Remember to bring with you a Salvage kit to use on salvagable items.


  • You will not be able to farm again these routes for the next 24 hours (Respawn time) or after a server transfer (7 Days cooldown)
  • Hold your Left Ctrl key to view all friendly npc such as trees & veins
  • You earn experience from gathering items

Iron Marches Level 50-60

You will find dead NPCs near a destroyed guard tower and you must revive them. While you are going to revive them, you will notice Flame Legion will start spawning. You must kill them to get Rune Bags which gives a lot of Linen Scraps & Rugged Leathers.