Orichalcum Ore Farming Guide

This Orichalcum Ore farming guide is made for players who want to farm instead of buying directly from the Trading post. I’ve made the most efficient routes to farm specially those items with no hassle.

**Important: Remember to bring with you a Mining Pick to gather materials from veins.


  • You will not be able to farm again these routes for the next 24 hours (Respawn time) or after a server transfer (7 Days cooldown)
  • Hold your Left Ctrl key to view all friendly npc such as trees & veins
  • You earn experience from gathering items
  • Salvage Items

    It is possible to get Orichalcum Ores from Salvaging items level 70+ by using a good Salvage Kit such as Master’s Salvage Kits and Black Lion’s Salvage Kit (obtained from daily Achievement). It is highly recommended to use them on level 75+ white or blue items. You should keep Green items for trade post.

    Cursed Shore

    Malchor’s Leap

    Frostgorge Sound