Shopping list to craft Incinerator:

  • Weaponsmith Discipline Level 400
  • Chef Discipline Level 400
  • 1x [Spark of Rage]
  • 250x [Orichalcum Ingots]
  • 250x [Mithril Ingots]
  • 250x [Darksteel Ingots]
  • 250x [Platinum Ingots]
  • 250x [Ghost Peppers]
  • 100x [Molten Lodestones]
  • 100x [Destroyer Lodestones]
  • 500x [Flame Legion Charr Carvings]
  • 100x [Icy Runestones]
  • 200 Skill pointSkill Points
  • 525,000 Karma.pngKarma
  • 120 Gold coinGold
  • 1x [Gift of Exploration]
  • 77x [Mystic Clovers]
  • 500x [Badges of Honor]
  • 250x [Globs of Ectoplasm]
  • 500x [Vicious Fangs]
  • 250x [Vicious Claws]
  • 250x [Vials of Powerful Blood]
  • 250x [Elaborate Totems]
  • 250x [Armored Scales]
  • 250x [Ancient Bones]
  • 250x [Piles of Crystalline Dust]
  • 250x [Powerful Venom Sacs]
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    Getting ready for your Legendary

    You want to make your Legendary weapon and you don’t know what to do first? This guide is for you, it will help you get this Legendary with no hassle. Trust me, anyone can get one rather easily and even you can get one within a month if not a few weeks. I will guide
    you to get this highly coveted weapon. Now, let’s get started!

    Character Setup

    Your first step before starting anything to make your legendary would be to set up your character to be as most efficent as possible while farming. How can you make it efficient? Well, you will need tons of Magic find equipment!

    Magic Find Gears Required:

    [Superior Rune of the Pirate] crafted by Tailor (400) or bought from Tradepost

    [Superior Rune of the Traveler] bought from Tradepost

    [Superior Sigil of Luck] crafted by Artificer (400) or bought from Tradepost

    [Exquisite Opal Jewels] recipe bought from Jeweler NPC. Is it too expensive? craft/buy [Ornate Opal Jewels] instead.

    You will put these Runes on Magic find armor named Traveler with 3% MF such as the following image.

    Magic Find

    Finally, you’ve completed your magic find gears), but it’s not over yet with magic find! Ensure that you get Omnomberry Bars, it will grant you with an additionnal 30% Magic Find and 40% Gold from monster (it pays itself overtime!).

    Gift of Exploration

    You may do this gift while you are leveling your character, but I recommend to do this when you are level 80 with all your Magic find gears. It will provide you with a lot of items to help you at the same time level your discipline to level 400 which is required to create the Legendary Weapon.

    Gift of Battle

    The easiest way to get your 500 Badges of Honor is from the Jumping Puzzle located North West of Battlegrounds and near the keeps in Eternal Battleground. You do these 3 puzzles every day to receive ~5 Badges for each puzzles (15 Total) per character. You should do them every day with 5 characters (recommended warriors with Horn skill trained). Once you’ve completed the puzzles on all your charaters, it ensure you with 75 Badges per day. Note: Jumping puzzle are the same in all Battlegrounds. I highly recommend to watch this video on How to complete the puzzles.


    The best way to get your Karma will be from Events. You need a lot of Karma to make your Legendary and to make it faster than it usually takes, you want to get yourself bundles of Karma Booster. It will grant you 578 Karma instead of 378 you normally receive from one Event. It also cost only ~20 silver each Karma Booster when you buy a bundle and a booster last 1 hour. The booster is cheap and shows great results in the long run.

    Event Tag

    You want to be efficient while doing Events and therefore you want to participate in as many events as possible. When you feel that you’ve contributed enough, switch to the next Event and repeat. It will also help you reduce your Diminishing Returns which will surely hit sometime. Whenever you Hit DR, I highly suggest to switch characters and do other objectives such as Badges of Honor.

    Cursed Shore Events

    Cursed Shore is the best place to obtain your Karma required for your Legendary weapon. You will always stay in the north part of the map. Always check your Map when you see a contested town such as Main camp Penitent, Shelter and Jofast. Remember to do Event Tag’ing, switch when you’ve sufficiently contributed and also helps reduce your DR. Refer to the image below and the following events description.

    Karma Route


    Join a Party to know when an event is up!

    Defend Penitent Camp ( 1 )

    This is a good event to Tag and move to the next one if necessary. It also triggers “Escort Veteran Pack Heart”.

    Escort Veteran Pack Heart ( 2 )

    Starts right after “Defend Penitent Camp” Event ends. This event ends quickly, ensure to get there asap and hit the mobs. Sometimes, the event sometimes does not start right after Penitent.

    Defend Shelter Camp ( 3 )

    The event starts by being contested and usually spawns alongside with Penitent. This particuliar event spawns Spiders and Wraiths which drop nice loots. You may stay a bit longer than usual while doing this event.

    Defend Jofast Camp( 4 )

    This is the fastest event amongst all the events you will be doing in that area. Only do this event when there isn’t any other events around.

    Defend R & D Camp ( 5 )

    You will notice when R & D event starts when it is being contested in your map. Often, this event begins when Plinx, Risen Gladiator and Broodmother are already up. Therefore, you may Event Tag to ensure you get credits in the events.

    Escort Rakkan ( 6 )

    Rakkan event doesn’t occurs often and is a chain event. After you’ve completed this event, the Broodmother event will trigger.

    Kill Veteran Broodmother ( 7 )

    As mentioned this event will be triggered when Escort Rakkan will be completed. It’s a fast event and therefore important to participate. We love easy Karma!

    Kill Champion Broodmotherf***er ( 8 )

    You may do this event when nothing else is up, or tag it.

    Kill Champion Gladiator & Contender Event ( 9 )

    This is 2 events together and the first part you must kill 3 contenders. They spawn Embers around them and you will get great loot from those Embers. Therefore, try to AOE them as much as possible to ensure drop. The second part a Gladiator will spawn, you may tag him and leave.

    Defend Plinx ( 10 )

    You will notice sometimes that people will call Plinx when he is up in map chat. This event is really important, because it’s the first part of 5 events! Always ensure to be around the area whenever you can, trust me you don’t want to miss this chain event. Defend him while he repairs and it last 2 minutes.

    Escort Plinx to Beacon ( 11 )

    This second part often triggers other events such Defend R & D Camp, Gladiator and Escort Rakkan. This event is essentially great for loots and you may stay or do Event Tag.

    Defend the BACON ( 12 )

    The third part of the Plinx events, it’s important to not Event tag while doing this event to ensure bacons.

    Escort Plinx to Caer ( 13 )

    You’ve completed Defend the Beacon you will escort Plinx to Caer. You will get insane amount of loot from this event. Try to tag as most monsters as possible during this event.

    Kill Risen Abomination ( 14 )

    This being the last part of Plinx and also your timer to know when Plinx event will restart. He takes a while to kill, you may or not Event Tag, and when he’s dead count 5-6 minutes. This is how long it takes for Plinx event to restart and try stay near Plinx area when the time is up.


    You will often runs around like a chicken with no head and jump in all those events while blindly throwing all your weapons everywhere to hit something. It will be efficient area, provides the most karma in the shortest amount of time and also be in a party while farming.

    The following video shows a player farming Karma as explained earlier. You may note on how he tags as many events as possible and how efficient it can be.


    Everyone has his own way to make money and it may be annoying for some people. How can we afford a precursor, etc? It may be easier than you think if you already know how to farm karma. You will farm near 1 million karma and complete your map at 100% with Magic find gears and therefore 150-250 Gold is not impossible to earn. You will find plenty of rares and exotic to reach your goal and ultimately get your Legendary weapon!


    Price Check your loots on Tradepost before selling/salvaging items.

    Event Tag in Cursed Shore with Auto-Loot Enabled in Options and to avoid Diminishing Returns.

    Precursor can wait, get everything else first.

    Manage your movement and avoid teleport as often as possible.

    Always be in a party. You can work together to point out events and it is important to do teamwork.

    You will get plenty of Tier 6 Materials/Lodestones by making Mystic Clovers. Buy them only after you’re done with the Clovers.

    Avoid DR by doing a Nodes farming route.

    Invest time on a daily basis and you will get your Legendary weapon overtime quicker than you think if you put effort.

    Step 1: Gift of Mastery

    The Gift of Mastery is required in all of the Legendary recipes and it’s crafted in the Mystic Forge. This Gift is about doing all of the content possible in Guild Wars 2 and takes time to complete. I highly suggest to do this while leveling your Discipline because you will gather a lot of materials from completing every Map at 100%.

    You will need the following items:

  • 1x [Gift of Battle]
  • You can obtain [Gift of Battle] from any World vs World Weaponsmith for 500x Badges of Honor

  • 1x [Bloodstone Shard]
  • You can purchase Bloodstone Shard for 200Skill pointSkill Point from Miyani.

  • 1x [Gift of Exploration]
  • You can obtain Gift of Exploration by reaching 100% world completion which rewards you with 2 gifts.

  • 250x [Obsidian Shards]
  • You can obtain Obsidian Shards from Tactician Deathstrider at the Temple of Balthazar in Straits of Devastation

    You may now craft Gift of Mastery in the Mystic Forge. You may proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Gift of Fortune

    The Gift of Fortune is also required in all of the Legendary recipes and it is crafted in the Mystic Forge. You will need to master the Trade Post, Farming and Transmute in order to obtain this gift. I recommend to use our Farming Guide to get your materials and if you have any story/tips to share with us about how you obtained it, Contact us .

    You will need the following items:

  • 77x [Mystic Clovers]
  • You can obtain [Mystic Clovers] by mixing the 4 following items in the Mystic Forge:

  • 250x [Globs of Ectoplasm]
  • You can obtain [Globs of Ectoplasm] when you salvage rare/exotic items.

  • 1x [Gift of Might] also requires:
  • 1x [Gift of Magic] which also requires:
  • Now you can go to the Mystic Forge, craft Gift of Might, Gift of Magic and also Gift of Fortune.

    You may proceed to the next step when completed.

    Step 3: Gift of Incinerator

    The Gift of Incinerator is crafted by using the Mystic Forge and it requires 4 different items to create:

    Gift A + Gift B + 100x [Icy Runestones] + Superior Sigil of X

    You will notice that Gift A and B requires also 4 items to create, they are made in their specific Crafting Station and not in the Mystic Forge!

    I highly recommend to visit Farming Guide to help you get your materials.

    Go buy your Recipes:Gift of Metal & Vial of Liquid Flame from Miyani in Lion’s Arch.

    Gift A

    You will go to your Weaponsmith Station to craft Gift of Metal

    You will need the following items:

  • 250x [Orichalcum Ingots]
  • 250x [Mithril Ingots]
  • 250x [Darksteel Ingots]
  • 250x [Platinum Ingots]
  • Gift B

    Next you must go to your Chef crafting Station to create [Vial of Liquid Flame]

    You will need the following items:

  • 250x [Ghost Peppers]
  • 100x [Molten Lodestones]
  • 100x [Destroyer Lodestones]
  • 1x [Gift of Baelfire] which requires:
  • You obtain [Flame Legion Charr Carvings] in Citadel of Flame and also in Explorable mode. You can trade 500x of them to Officer Veros to get [Gift of Baelfire].

    Once you are done with Gift of Metal and Vial of Liquid Flame you will need the following:

  • 100x [Icy Runestones]
  • 1x [Superior Sigil of Fire]
  • You can obtain Icy Runestone after completing Defeat the Claw of Jormag for 1Gold coin each from Rojan the Penitent.

    You’ve collected all the materials, go to the Mystic Forge. You will be able to craft Gift of Incinerator and when you are done, you may proceed to the next step

    Step 4: Precursor

    You will need the following item:

  • 1x [Spark of Rage]
  • You can learn how to obtain your precursor weapon here.

    Finally, you have everything needed to create your Legendary! It’s time to create this little baby.

    Mix and Match the following items in the Mystic Forge:

  • 1x Gift of Fortune
  • 1x [Spark of Rage]
  • 1x Gift of Mastery
  • 1x Gift of Incinerator
  • Congratulation!!! You completed your Legendary, Enjoy!