Legendary Precursor

A Precursor is a weapon used to craft legendary weapons. There is 2 ways to get a precursor. The first would be to find it randomly at a very low rate from large chests rewarded for defeating Claw of Jormag or for capturing Temples in Orr. The second and most popular way to get a precursor is from gambling with the Mystic Forge. You must place 4 Level 75 or Higher Rare/Exotic weapons into the Mystic Forge.

Gambling to get a Precursor

The most common way to gamble is to put 4 self-crafted level 80 Rare weapons into the Mystic Forge. It is known as the cheapest to craft your own weapon and also the most efficient way to get a precursor from gambling. The following video shows an example of someone getting a Precursor on his 4th set of 128 Level 80 Rares weapons. You will see the precursor “The Lover” on his second attempt in the video.

Chance to get a Precursor?

The success chance to get a precursor from gambling is still unknown. However, we can consider that the rates are lower than 0.2%~0.5% chance from players experience. I prefer myself to gamble exotic instead of rare since you have higher chances to get your precursor.

Legendary Name Weapon type Legendary Precursor
The Bifrost The Bifrost Staff The Legend The Legend
Bolt Bolt Sword Zap Zap
Rodgort Rodgort Torch Rodgort's Flame Rodgort’s Flame
The Dreamer The Dreamer Shortbow The Lover The Lover
The Flameseeker Prophecies The Flameseeker Prophecies Shield The Chosen The Chosen
Frenzy Frenzy Harpoon gun Rage Rage
Frostfang Frostfang Axe Tooth of Frostfang Tooth of Frostfang
Howler Howler Warhorn Howl Howl
Incinerator Incinerator Dagger Spark Spark
The Juggernaut The Juggernaut Hammer The Colossus The Colossus
Kudzu Kudzu Longbow Leaf of Kudzu Leaf of Kudzu
Kraitkin Kraitkin Trident Venom Venom
Maw of the Deep Maw of the Deep Spear Maw Maw
Meteorlogicus Meteorlogicus Scepter Storm Storm
The Minstrel The Ministrel Focus The Bard The Bard
The Moot The Moot Mace The Energizer The Energizer
The Predator The Predator Rifle The Hunter The Hunter
Quip Quip Pistol Chaos Gun Chaos Gun
Sunrise Sunrise Greatsword Dawn Dawn
Twilight Twilight Greatsword Dusk Dusk